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Generation EQ Parents' Club

Monthly Group EQ Discussion and Strategy Session

$35/month or $360/year ($60 discount)

For parents with children 2-12 years of age.

Build relationships with like minded parents during our, member exclusive, group discussions and EQ strategy sessions that will teach you how to effectively incorporate emotional intelligence into your parenting style. You'll learn how to trade in traditional parenting strategies for those that are centered around conscious and wholehearted parenting, and that aid in your child's well-being.


Each session will start with an open discussion of progress and challenges, followed by an hour strategy session, and close with a quick-fire Q&A. 

  • Generation EQ will officially kick-off JUNE 29th 2021. Monthly session are held the last Tuesday of every Month. 

  • If a club member is unable to attend either session, they will have assess to a, limited time, private link of the recorded session. 

  • Parents of the Generation EQ community will have the ability to connect with one another through a closed forum. 

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Private EQ Sessions

12-week | 6-month | 12-month Packages

Private sessions are available for families who are fully invested in optimizing their child's emotional well-being and setting them up for long-term success. Unlike memberships which give an overview of a variety of strategies and methods (that you have to sort through), I work one-on-one with your family to create a unique and effective program that guarantees a noticeable behavior change in as little as four weeks. Private EQ sessions include:

  • A customized program based on observational assessments and interviews conducted in-house or virtually (during COVID-19).

  • Activities and printable tools for specific age groups to help with emotional awareness and regulation.

  • Communication strategies tailored to the behavioral styles of each individual.

  • Parenting support.

  • 1-hour weekly calls with the family; provide support and assign techniques  between calls.

  • (Optional) 1-3 hours/week of working one-on-one with your child, developing their emotional intelligence. 

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