The EQ Deficiency

How Emotional Intelligence and Compassion Can Cure an Emotional Pandemic, Solve Our "People Problems" and Be a Catalyst for Positive Change


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Did you see us featured in Forbes? The EQ Deficiency was listed as one of seven books to "Fuel Your 2021 Vision" alongside some other phenomenal books seen here.

"The EQ Deficiency will teach you a lot more than how to just connect with others; it will teach you how to transform yourself, your family, and your company culture. I've already started using some of the provided techniques and strategies with my family and kids, and will do so with my future team."



"...this book has truly changed my perspectives about the world, people, humanity, and so much more...but I am not sure that words could truly do it justice... Brittney-Nichole delves really deep into the ideas of how interconnected we are, but she doesn't stop there. She give such an incredibly well thought-out strategy, with a full toolkit of what to do with this information once you've been given it. From seeking to understand, to understanding how emotions affect our bodies in various ways, to moving through them and accepting them- turning them into a tool to help you navigate the world.
10/10- I keep re-reading it."


"I don't think there has been a more critical time for this book. We as a society are struggling with our emotions and connections and it can be seen anywhere you look. There is a wealth of knowledge inside this book of how to grow as a leader, teammate, partner, parent, or any other kind of relationship where humans are involved. The author's approach to education and self improvement is easily transferred to the reader in this easy to ready and easy to follow guide. I had to buy another copy to give as a gift and I will keep my copy on my shelf to reference again and again."



"...fascinating, timely ...It strikes a great balance between theory and practice, hard facts and storytelling."


"The EQ Deficiency is unlike any emotional intelligence book I have read. It approaches EQ from a different angle and, it's given me a new perspective on communication, my perception of others, and the power of awareness."


"At the root of all communication challenges lives the EQ factor. This book dives into those challenge and forces us to take a closer look at how we lead, parent, & partner. Those who are struggling to build stronger, more meaningful connections should pick up this book and get to work."


"Great read that teaches us how to recognize and adapt our emotions, thus raising our EQ which along with our IQ, determines our possibilities for success. It's the book the world needs in this day and age."